Asus Prepares an Avalanche of New Eee PCs

Eee-pc-roadmapHoly cow! As if there wasn’t already a plethora of Asus Eee PCs to choose from, Asus’s roadmap for world Netbook domination looks it plans to steamroll the competition (and consumers?) with more choices than you can count. Breaking things into three categories, Ultimate, PRO Fashion, and Smart Casual, I count 23 different models in the pipeline.

Ultimate series:


PRO Fashion:

T101 ( tablet?? )

Smart Casual:

700, 701, 701SD(30G HDD), 701SD, 701SD-4G
900, 901, 900A-16G, 900A-8G, 900-16G, 900-30G
904HD, 904HA, 900HD
1000, 1000HD, 1000H

Via Engadget and jkkmobile >

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