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Asus R1E Tablet PC User Review



3789[1] Want a lot of power in a little package??  Then you should take a look at the user review of the Asus R1E over on Tablet PC Review.  User Jerelyn Parker has posted up an very detailed review of the unit, the good and the bad.  For R1F users, it looks like some of the same problems are still there to deal with.  But, this little 13" monster packs a LOT of power in a little package – it’s running Core 2 Duo up to 2.4 Ghz!!!  Throw in  two gig’s of memory and a 7200rpm hard drive… THIS one is on my list to purchase.  When are we ever going to see another Tablet PC that has a dedicated graphics card in it…  preferably with this type of power???

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