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Asus R1F Tablet PC approved by FCC



Quick post!

ASUS is on the move with a new Tablet PC. Core Duo news had this blurb today:

Asus has been pretty busy introducing various Core Duo laptops since the beginning of the year. By now it has one or several Core Duo notebooks in every category: ultraportable 12.1? Asus W5F, 13.3? Asus W7J, 14? Asus A8JF, 15? Asus W1J, A6J and V6J, 17? Asus W2J and Asus A7J. It had even brought us some cool and trendy high end laptops like leather clad ultraportable Asus S6F or Lamborgihini styled Asus VX1. The only thing missing for the complete line up, was a Tablet PC. We knew there was one – Asus R1F Tablet PC was spotted during CES and TabletPC Review Spot even got some specs:

Intel Core Duo chip
13.3? Widescreen display
Up to 2GB of RAM
80-120 GB SATA HDD
TPM security chip

But Asus was keeping very quiet about it. Well, we can not tell you much more about the specs, just that some Asus R1F configurations may include Intel’s ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) chips, but we can tell you that this Tablet should be announced soon”.

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