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Asus R2E UMPC About To Bust Out



Asus’s successor to the R2H UMPC, the R2E, is getting ready to hit the market. In fact, according to Steve “Chippy” Paine it should already be out in Italy. CTitanic is reporting on Mobility Site that the R2H stock is just about played out, and that the R2E is coming soon. The big difference? The R2E is running the A110 processor and not the Celeron 900Mhz or the Pentium M (the two previous verisons of the R2H). And also the R2E will include HSDPA.

Asus r2e

No word on whether or not Asus has fixed that infamous bug on the touch screen that reads the x,y coordinates the wrong way and causes crashes in programs that use WPF. By the by, my Asus R2H is up for sale.

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