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Asus R2E UMPC First Impressions



Asus-r2e-umpcI may be wrong here but I haven’t seen a reveiw of the Asus R2E UMPC before. Part of that is we haven’t seen too many users with the device, and Asus has certainly dropped off the radar as far as UMPCs are concerend as most of their mobile attention is centered around the EeePC. Steve “Chippy” Paine got his hands on the Asus R2E and has offered up some first impressions that are worth taking a look at if you’re in the market for UMPC. I’ll be interested to see Chippy’s further thoughts on this as to my mind the Asus R2H was one of the few UMPCs that made note taking really possible.

UPDATE: Steve tells me that credit for this review goes to one of his new team members, Thorsten. Credit where credit is due.



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