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Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC GPS Overview InkShow



This third installment of the Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC InkShows is focused on the GPS functionality.  In this InkShow, I go out with the R2H in my car to see how the built in GPS unit keeps track of my position.  I give an overview while using Microsoft MapPoint 2006.  I take a quick drive to demonstrate the tracking with the device, then I use the routing feature to map out a quick route.  After that, I drive around the corner to show some automated driving commands and directions.

This little device has become a nice addition to my Tablet PC experience.  The GPS functionality has definitely added to the usability of the Asus R2H for me – I use it all the time while driving around.  Guess we’ll have to see how well it gets all of us around Vegas while at CES!

If you have any questions you want answered, head over to the forums in the Asus section, I’ll be there to answer what I can.


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