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Asus T91 Tablet Reviewed



asustabletreview Tim Smalley at has published a review of the Asus T91 Tablet and he has covered all the bases. Intriguingly the touch interface wasn’t available for him to review (you can check it out on this video from Sascha at that we linked to a few days ago.

This 8.9 inch touch screen Tablet is attracting a lot of attention and interest, but I’m still puzzled by the timing here. With Windows 7 poised to unleash multi-touch on the world the fact that we aren’t seeing (yet) a digitizer that takes advantage of that is curious. Notice the ““yet” in the sentence above. I will be sorely disappointed if Asus doesn’t have a multi-touch version around the Windows 7 launch.

On the price front Asus isn’t getting specific yet, but Tim says he’s hearing that we’re looking at somewhere in the $500 range.

A few other items of note.

  • The battery is not user replaceable.
  • Asus will go to the chiclet style keyboard rather than the one that we’ve been seeing on other Eee’s
  • Asus will be using the Atom Z520 Silverthorne processor which offers better thermal design as well as a number of other features, and a lower clock speed.
  • Asus will be offering 3G enabled versions through carriers who at the moment are not specified.
  • There will also be optional GPS and a Digital TV Tune


  1. Kevin Purcell

    02/24/2009 at 1:02 pm

    Why do companies limit themselves. First we hear that the new Dell Mini will ONLY allow 1gb of RAM no matter what and now we hear thing will not have a user replaceable battery. That’s like selling a car that doesn’t let you change the tire yourself.

  2. davidm

    02/24/2009 at 4:51 pm

    This thing is so close.. yet so far. If the 10″ version supported 1280×800, and the SD reader was full speed (many are USB 1 for some bizarre reason), and the keyboard were full size and crisp, it could be pretty much perfect. But probably many of the features, like the webcam, are going to be sub par. I guess I’m waiting at least another year. At least it looks nice and the weight is good.

  3. vm-01

    02/25/2009 at 9:34 am

    Multitouch would just raise the price and this would be just another UMPC too expensive for the mass market.

    If they ever do this with a geforce 9300 I’m sold.

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