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Asus Thinking about Android on Netbooks



android-701 If Netbook makers were not thinking about putting Google’s Android on Netbooks and already tinkering I’d be disappointed. That doesn’t mean we’ll see it come to be though. That said, Brad Linder at Liliputing is reporting on a Bloomberg report that Asus has assigned a team of engineers to develop an Android powered Netbook.

Again, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see this happen, but it is also a ways down the road. We’ve already seen a number of hacks to give this a try out in the wild, (Brad’s post has links to some of those), but I wouldn’t put things past the folks at Asus when it comes to this kind of development.



  1. tal

    02/20/2009 at 10:08 pm

    its a geeks dream and nothing more. content is the king, and people will never fall for price in the expense of content. netbooks are hot because for less money you can still run your everyday apps.
    this thing is going to happen for ARM netbooks only.

  2. office coffee

    02/24/2009 at 6:47 am

    well, I love my HTC Dream and so far its been pretty bullet proof so I dont see why not! Maybe just need to do some wok on the flash media side of things but this would rock.

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