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Asus to Pre-Install Amazon Kindle App on Some Computers



Location, location, location. Turns out Amazon is working with notebook/netbook maker Asus to have its Kindle App pre-installed on some Asus models. Users could certainly install the app themselves and have had that capability for some time now. While some may view the icon showing up on the desktop as CRAPWARE, I’m sure it will have the desired effect and see many checking out the Amazon eBook reader for the first time.

At the moment Asus is saying we’ll see the Kindle app on the 1005PE Netbook and its UL30A-X5K and UL30VT-X1K ultrathin notebook cousins.

It won’t be long before we see this on other computers, and I’m guessing Barnes and Noble will probably try to find a way to grab some pre-installed screen real estate as well.

Speaking of the Amazon Kindle, the 2.5 firmware update that allows you to group your books into collections and share info on social services is now reported to be rolling out.

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