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Asus Vista Driver Info



Several Asus R2H users are reporting issues with the new Vista Drivers once downloaded, and also in finding them. 

First, David Maiden and others are reporting that after installing the drivers they are seeing crashes on boot up. So, be careful out there. (I haven’t had the opportunity to install them yet, but will this weekend.)

Second, the Asus site is notoriously flaky and very poorly designed. A selecton will appear one minute and on the next refresh it won’t be there. If you use the site to display the drivers your best bet to see what is available is this: After you complete the selection process for Asus R2H, use the headings across the top of the page to display the drivers and utilities, not the center of the page drop downs.


Third, CTitanic sends me these links to the Asus Drivers that are posted on todoUMPC Magazine. zip

What’s interesting is they contain a link to the sound drivers, which don’t yet appear on the site.

Fourth, Jay has posted in the Asus Forums the links he used to download files. Notice that both lists (Jay’s and CTitanic’s) contain files that don’t appear on the other one.

Looks like this is going to be a bumpy ride. More as it comes to us.

UPDATE: CTitanic has passed along a link to the WLAN driver. Here it is:



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