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ASUS Working on Convertible Tablet for Windows 8 Next Fall



ASUS wants to release another convertible tablet with Ultrabook design and specs that will run Windows 8 on Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform, according to Asian rumor site DigiTimes. Can a convertible design succeed in the post iPad world? Intel, Microsoft and ASUS certainly hope so. The combination of a tablet-centric version of Windows and the Ultrabook specs and design might be the winning combination Windows-loving users have been looking for in a tablet.

Windows 8 will be betting the business on the touch interface. Intel’s new Ivy Bridge platform, which follows on the wildly successful Sandy Bridge processor, will make the Intel Core iX processors even more efficient and powerful at the same or lower prices. It won’t come till next Spring, but when it does the Ultrabook format should benefit greatly.

I talk to a lot of Windows users who want to run their Windows software on a tablet. This machine from ASUS might make it possible.


A convertible or swivel design wants to provide users with the convenience of a notebook computer and a tablet all in one design. I loved my first convertible tablet and my wife still uses the second one I purchased after dropping that first one. She enjoys having Windows, a notebook and a tablet in one. She just hates the heat that the HP TX2000 gives off under a load and the fact that it weighs almost 5 pounds. When I suggested getting her a MacBook Air, she cringed at the idea of running OS X and not having access to Microsoft Publisher.

The ASUS computer, if real, has people like my wife in its crosshairs. So long as ASUS hits the right price, it will succeed. A sub-$1000 convertible Ultrabook running Windows could be a huge hit… so long as it has long battery life, as well as a thin and light design.

Source: DigiTimes

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ChrisRS

    12/10/2011 at 7:10 pm

    I’m looking forward to this, if it has an active digitizer. I’d also like a large screen slate version. 

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