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AT&T All In One Prepaid Brand Reportedly Launching Next Month



A new report from Fierce Wireless claims AT&T will debut a new prepaid brand called “All In One” on June 15 after a test in Texas and Florida this month.

The new All In One brand plans will allegedly start at $35 for feature phones and $50 for smartphones. Like other prepaid plans, both feature phone and smartphone users would get unlimited talk and text for the price of the plans.

Feature phones won’t have any data options while smartphone users will likely get 2GB of data a month. There’s also a chance that AT&T will offer a $70 per month prepaid plan that gives users 5GB of data instead. These plans likely won’t include 4G LTE, however, users will still have to sign a contract for that.

AT&T Changes International Data Plans

The phones in the All In One brand will allegedly use AT&T’s “4G” HSPA network instead of the newer, faster 4G LTE network. With all of AT&T’s on-contract smartphones now supporting 4G LTE the HSPA network is theoretically less crowded than it was before. The less crowded network is likely the reason behind AT&T’s rumored new plans.

It’s not yet clear if All In One will replace AT&T’s current GoPhone brand, or if the two will exist side-by-side on the network.

Last quarter AT&T lost a total of 184,000 prepaid users, which it blamed on “declines in session-based tablets and declines in GoPhone.” The carrier face tough competition n the prepaid market from regional carriers, MVNOs and even the other major carriers.

Verizon recently launched its own new prepaid plans which start at $35 and are remarkably similar to AT&T’s rumored new plans. Sprint operates two MVNOs, Boost and Virgin Mobile which each have plans that offer 4G LTE data starting at $35 per month.

Finally, there’s T-Mobile which recently did away with its two-year contracts in favor of phone financing and cheaper plans. Some people like the new direction so much they petitioned AT&T’s bigest rival Verizon to offer similar plans.

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