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AT&T Black Friday 2014 Deals Knock Lumia 635 to $39.99



Apple’s ever-popular iPhone smartphones aren’t in danger of being overran by Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system any time soon, that’s not because of a lack of deals though. Black Friday 2014 deals for the AT&T Lumia 635 smartphone are coming in pretty fast.

The first is a classic Black Friday 2014 deal in every sense. Electronics retailer Best Buy will offer the AT&T GoPhone version of the Lumia 635 for $39.99 off contract. No rebates or extra purchases are required at all. Normally, the AT&T Lumia 635 would cost $99 without a two-year contract. Best Buy will offer the cheap Lumia 635 for one day only, November 28th while supplies last. Once it’s out of Lumia 635 devices to sell the deal is over. That being said, users will be able to make the purchase online or in Best Buy’s stores.

Lumia 635 Review (13)

Best Buy will be the first to offer an AT&T Lumia 635 Black Friday 2014 deal but it won’t be the last. Microsoft’s own retail stores will offer the AT&T Lumia 635 for $39.99 without a two-year contract. The terms of this Black Friday 2014 deal are nearly the same. It’s only while supplies last and everyone will be able to get the Lumia 635 for $39.99 in-store and online. When you’ll be able to get it is different though, Microsoft plans to offer the deal next Monday, December 1st.

GoPhone is the prepaid arm of AT&T. GoPhone Lumia 635 buyers get AT&T’s coverage areas, without having to sign long-term agreements.

The Lumia 635 is a low-end Windows Phone with enough power to do almost everything a mid-range smartphone can. There’s a 4.5-inch IPS display on the Lumia 630. It’s not high-definition, so videos won’t look as detailed as they do on high-end smartphones. A quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 512MB of RAM handles everything behind the scenes. Apps and the Windows Phone operating system handle just fine, games might be a bit sluggish. 8GB of storage comes inside the Lumia 635, but users can also add up to 128GB of additional storage with a MicroSD slot.

Buyers can change the look of the Lumia 635 with different colored shells that are sold separately. The Lumia 635 has 4G data technology so loading webpages using mobile data is just as fast as it could be on other phones with the technology.

The Lumia 635 isn’t great at everything though. The Lumia 635 does include a rear-facing camera, but it’s only 5MP. Pictures look fine but definitely not amazing. The Lumia 635 can’t adjust its screen brightness on its own either. That sounds like a small thing, but it’s big if you’re in different environments with different lighting a lot.

None of those missing features were deal breakers for us during our time with the Lumia 635. Not having rear-facing flash was a big problem though. Most users take flash for granted on smartphones at this point. Without flash, the Lumia 635 is terrible at pictures in very low lighting conditions.

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The Lumia 635 does run Windows Phone 8.1, the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. It’s the Windows Phone 8.1 update that adds Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant and Siri rival.

In addition to the Lumia 635 Black Friday 2014 deal, AT&T is still offering the Lumia 830 smartphone with a free $99.99 Fitbit Flex that device isn’t nearly as cheap as the Lumia 635, but it has a few advantages of its own. A bigger screen, more high-end build and 10 megapixel camera make it perfect for anyone who needs a more features than what the Lumia 635 can provide and don’t mind signing a two-year contract to get it. With a two-year contract the Lumia 830 is $449. With a two-year contract the Lumia 830 is $99.99. This is a limited time deal too, though it’s unclear when its scheduled to end.



  1. Mike

    11/25/2014 at 8:28 am

    The Lumia 635 does have 4G, it supports LTE.

    • Travis Pope

      11/25/2014 at 10:10 am

      Thank you for pointing this out. I’d been looking at the Microsoft Lumia 635 specifications. AT&T’s does show support for 4G LTE.

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