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AT&T Charging Lockers at SXSW 2012



AT&T has charging stations in lockers at SXSW 2012 again. What a wonderful idea. I am actually impressed.

You are at a trade show and your phone starts to get really low. You don’t have time to get back to your room to charge and you don’t have time to sit at an outlet to get a couple of cycles because you’ll miss that awesome party or dinner with a client. Smart phones today put us into this situation, but we have to have them right?  Enter the AT&T charging lockers! Perfect solution assuming they are located somewhere you can get back to after that dinner or party.

IntoMobile has posted a series of photos showing this year’s version of the AT&T charging lockers.


This isn’t a new concept, in 2010 they had the same concept in place with Post Office Boxes with the chargers inside.

These free lockers allow people to throw their phone in a locker to charge, grab a key, and enjoy themselves while their phone safely charges behind a lock.

Offering free charging stations is nothing new though, Samsung has been offering chargers in airports for free for years, but this solution being offered by AT&T is innovative in that you can put your phone on charge and walk away for a period of time without worries. I wonder how many people have actually forgotten about their phone in one of these?

Would you feel comfortable enough to walk away from your phone for a couple of hours with your phone under lock and key?

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