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AT&T Continues to Expand 4G LTE Network



AT&T is expanding its 4G LTE coverage and footprint. The Rethink Possible carrier is now expanding and lighting up 4G LTE in four additional markets, which include Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Worcester, MA. This is great news for AT&T subscribers in those market as they’ll be able to enjoy LTE speeds that are 10 times faster than 3G speeds and up to 3 to 4 times faster than 4G HSPA+ speeds.

While AT&T is adding new cities to its coverage map, the Rethink Possible network’s footprint is still smaller than rival Verizon Wireless, which has a more expansive 4G LTE network. Verizon’s 3G CDMA/EVDO speeds were slower than AT&T’s speed, and that was perhaps the impetus for Verizon to aggressively build out 4G LTE. AT&T at the time transitioned to 4G HSPA+ and is using the faster HSPA+ speeds in areas where LTE is not yet available.

In comparing AT&T to Verizon in most areas where the two carriers have a 4G LTE network deployed. AT&T’s speeds are faster than Verizon’s.

In addition to deploying 4G LTE to new markets, AT&T is also strengthening its existing network in select markets in the North East.

Rival Sprint is also starting to deploy LTE at this time and T-Mobile USA will begin its LTE deployment in 2013.



  1. Hillary

    08/17/2012 at 5:22 pm

    i’ve been seeing the ads for AT&T’s 4GLTE everywhere and it’s for hooking up with the OneX. Is there a better phone, though, for it? I’m a hairstylist (Austin) and like to use my phone for seeing hairstyles but need to work quickly.

    • lynda

      08/20/2012 at 5:43 pm

      I’m in the same boat. One of my clients came into the salon here in Atlanta and wanted to have her hair dyed like Rihanna’s. I went to Google to search for images using my Galaxy S III to show her some examples, and the web page loaded the images very quickly. So, consider that. The phone and 4G LTE service (via AT&T) have been flawless.

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