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AT&T + Enjoy: The Best Way to Buy a New Phone



AT&T’s partnered with Enjoy, a new company that sells a range of luxury gadgets and employees experts that spend up to an hour setting up your new devices in the comfort of your own home or office. The concierge delivery service offers same-day personalized delivery and setup in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City for orders placed on AT&T’s Web site. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City, there’s simply no better way to buy a new phone or high-end gadget.

Ron Johnson, the man responsible for building Apple’s retail footprint from scratch, is taking a completely different approach to retail this time around. Rather than expecting customers to go to retail stores to talk to Apple Geniuses, Johnson is turning the tables and sending experts out to meet customers wherever’s the most convenient. Besides AT&T phones and accessories, Enjoy sells and delivers a curated range of high-end technology products that reps deliver within four hours.

I have a pretty full stable of smartphones at the moment, so rather than buying a new phone myself, AT&T offered to send out a loaner unit so I could experience the Enjoy setup process myself. Despite Enjoy’s marketing material, including the above video, I really didn’t expect much, butI fell in love with the service so fast that I placed my first purchase with Enjoy before the company’s representatives left my house.

Like a lot of people in San Francisco, I use my an array of services to save time and reduce the amount of time spent doing stuff I don’t really want to do.  I buy almost all of my groceries from Amazon Fresh and Google Express. GrubHub is my go-to app for getting food delivered on demand. I use the Uber app to summon a car and driver to my house in less than five minutes. Tomorrow I need to send someone a computer and instead of dropping it off at FedEx, I’m going to launch the Shyp app and spend $5 so a rep will come to me within 20 minutes, box it up and take care of the shipping details.

att-enjoy - 1

Josh and Joey from Enjoy Delivering the AT&T LG G4

So why should I have to wait a day or two for a phone if I order it online or waste my time waiting my turn at a retail store?  The answer is that I don’t any more. And neither do you if you’r in  a hurry to get a new phone. All you have to do to get an Enjoy rep to deliver your phone if you live in San Francisco Bay Area or New York City is select the Enjoy shipping option when checking out at and select an appointment time. With Enjoy, you don’t get an appointment window. You get an actual appointment.

On the day of my appointment Josh from Enjoy texted me five minutes before the scheduled time and he and Joey rang my doorbell at precisely 11AM with the LG G4 in hand (LG G4 Review).  Josh used to be an Apple Genius and Joey also worked for Apple in logistics.  att-enjoy - 2

I was fairly comfortable with the new phone right away since I’ve owned several Android phones, including last year’s LG G3, but there’s a lot of options to setup and things to learn about the device before you can use it to its full potential. The Enjoy reps walked me through the device and pointed out some of their favorite features, such as the camera app and personalization settings. While a good wireless sales rep could do the same in a store, Josh and Joey explained that they could do things like set up the LG G4 to work with my Sonos audio system or synch it with my car’s entertainment system.

I think it’s awesome that Enjoy turns your kitchen table into a Genius Bar.  Joey and Josh were much more tech savvy than I’d expected when AT&T told me about this service. In fact, I’d happily have either of them help friends and family get started with their new phones.

Enjoy will deliver any cases or accessories ordered  from AT&T  along with your new iPhone or Android device.

Enjoy More Than Just Phones…There’s Drones!

att-enjoy - 6Enjoy sells some really sweet gadgets, includig high-end computers and gadgets that you won’t find in big-box stores. A lot of these gadgets require some level of training and setup.

As our conversation about tech interests continued, they showed me the Enjoy Web site and told me about what else people could buy besides AT&T phones.  When they mentioned they stocked the DJI Inspire 1 and Joey showed me his sample photos he shot with his demo drone, I told them it’d been on my wish list and I immediately placed an order. It turned out that Enjoy could have it to me within two hours. That was actually too fast since I had to pick my kid up from school. I scheduled the delivery for 4:30PM.att-enjoy - 3

Shortly after placing the order i received a phone call from Enjoy’s customer support asking me if I’d like them to run a firmware update so I wouldn’t have to. That’s just another example of how the service is designed to get tech buyers up and running with as few headaches as possible.att-enjoy - 4

Joey came back to my house and helped my son and I assemble the DJI Inspire 1. I own and use DJI’s consumer-grade Phantom drones, but the Inspire 1 is a completely different ballgame. Joey showed me a few little tricks and explained to take extra care with the detachable camera.

att-enjoy - 5

Reading a manual and watching DJI’s video tutorials is all most people have to get started with the Inspire 1. I had Joey, who was willing to go to a nearby park to calibrate my Inspire 1 and keep an eye on it as I took it on its first flight. As I started the drone’s motors, one of the rotors flew off. Joey instructed me on how to properly attach the rotors and how to double check that they were secure.

Here’s a video shot I with the DJI Inspire 1 during its first flight, just a few hours after I placed my order. I could have saved money by buying the Inspire 1 from an online retailer, but the hands-on setup and training was worth the price difference.

Now there are tradeoffs for receiving Enjoy deliveries compared to buying from big-box retailers or online specialty stores. Enjoy sells products at standard retail prices, which means you won’t get any deep discounts or freebies that are common when shopping online. You also won’t get a chance to custom configure products or select from too many options. But if you have a bad gadget habit and want some of the coolest tech money can buy right now, Enjoy’s the way to go.



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