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AT&T Finally Figures Out What 4G is Good For in New Ad



For the past several months AT&T has desperately tried to explain why their “4G” phones and service are a good deal.

Instead of showing realistic situations, or anything resembling speed, they try to be funny with failed flash mobs and taco cart craftiness. Forgetting the fact that people don’t really send important updates as PDFs, these ads failed. Honestly, our iPhone 4S AT&T vs. Verizon speedtest video was a better ad for 4G on AT&T than anything the company has put out.

That is, until now. It seems that AT&T has finally figured out why customers want to use 4G. Even if it isn’t the faster 4G LTE, AT&T 4G still helps you have fun faster. (Seriously, how is that not a slogan).

In the new Tell it like it is ad for 4G, AT&T has a boss assigning realistic tasks to his employees. It’s odd that AT&T gets this right with the BlackBerry, a device many end users don’t actually choose, but nonetheless, it is still funny. Check it out below.

It would be impressive if other carriers took note of this direct, yet funny advertisement. While Verizon ads are improving, the company still has trouble communicating what 4G LTE speed means in many new phone ads.

When it comes down to it, faster smartphones are only good if they solve a specific problem for the customer. Whether it is uploading videos of their baby to YouTube, making a fantasy football trade faster, working from the golf course, or streaming Pandora — it has to offer some tangible benefit.

Do you like this new AT&T 4G ad?

via Mashable

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