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AT&T HTC One X Back in Stock



Many consumers were left wondering when AT&T would replenish its stock of the HTC One X after the device ran into trouble at U.S. Customs. Turns out, that question has been answered today as the device is back in stock online through AT&T.

Last month, the HTC One X along with several other HTC phones, ran into trouble at U.S. Customs due to a patent dispute between HTC and Apple. The dispute led to shipments being held at the U.S. border which subsequently put AT&T’s online store and several other places out of HTC One X stock.

Oddly enough, unlike Sprint, AT&T never alerted consumers about the progress of the HTC One X leaving many to wonder when the device would again pop up.

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A quick check of AT&T’s online store today though reveals that the carrier is once again offering the device and it is offering it in both variants, white and gray.

This should be welcoming to those that have been waiting to get a hold of this smartphone and didn’t have any other way to do it other than by ordering through AT&T itself.

In addition, this hopefully means that AT&T will be able to sustain in order to meet the demand.

The HTC One X is currently AT&T’s flagship 4G LTE Android smartphone and it offers a beautiful display, speedy processor and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box to go along with its LTE speeds which can reach up to 10 times faster than normal 3G data speeds.

It will soon have some competition though as AT&T announced that it will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S III in the weeks ahead and it will be the only carrier to offer the device in red.

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