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AT&T Introduces 300MB & 2GB Mobile Share Plans



Today AT&T announced that it will soon offer two new data tiers for its Mobile Share Plans, giving customers the options for 300MB of 2GB of data each month.

AT&T will offer the new Mobile Share Plan options starting this Friday, July 26. The smaller of the two options will offer AT&T customers 300MB of shared data per month for $20 a month. The plan will have additional costs per device added, but will let AT&T customers pay just $70 a month for a smartphone with a small amount of data.

The larger option that offers users 2GB of data will slot in between the current 1GB and 4GB of data per month options. It will serve as a middle-ground for users who need more than 1GB, but never go near the 4GB limit. The plan will cost users $50 per month plus $45 for each smartphone, bringing the base price up to $95 per month plus taxes and hidden fees.

AT&T announces new Family Share plan options.

AT&T announces new Mobile Share plan options.

The 4GB data plan costs $70 per month, but users only pay $40 a month for every smartphone. That makes the plan cost $110 per month for individual users.

The 2GB plan is technically $20 than the 4GB of data plan, though the added cost per each smartphone means there’s only a $15 difference per month. Users with two smartphones on their account only pay $10 more for the 4GB plan, and the cost per month is the same for both plans for a family of four.

The new plan is great for individual users looking to save a bit of money, but not for families. Unless everyone on the Mobile Share Plan uses a minuscule amount of data each month, the 4GB plan is a better deal. There is little reason for a family to use the 2GB a month plan.

AT&T Mobile Share Plans can also include tablets like the iPad, mobile hotspots and even the PlayStation Vita, all of which will use the same data pool and cst more per month.

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1 Comment

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