My iPhone 5 Pre-Order Nightmare Came True

At this point, I have no idea whether or not I’ll be getting the iPhone 5 I pre-ordered through AT&T last Friday on release day. Like many of you, I am completely and utterly in the dark about what is going on with my pre-order and this point, I have resigned myself to the fact that I may not see my new phone until October.

I already briefly detailed my pre-order experience last week where I told you about the issues I had with AT&T’s website during my first attempt at pre-ordering the iPhone 5. But now, I want to get into a little more detail because I know many of you are having issues and I wanted you to know that I am right there with you.

Last Friday night, at midnight, I attempted to pre-order an iPhone 5. Due to AT&T website crashes and an unhelpful Apple website, I was unable to and went to bed.

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AT&T told me that my order would arrive on September 21st.

I awoke very early on Friday morning to make sure that I got my pre-order in before AT&T sold out of iPhones. Like many of you, I noticed that Apple showed a two week delivery delay on all models so I decided to go through AT&T’s website which proclaimed very boldly (you can see what I saw in the photo below) that my iPhone 5 pre-order would arrive on September 21st.

I really, really, really, really did not want to deal with AT&T based on past experiences and based on what our own Warner Crocker found on iPhone 5 launch day. So, against my better judgement, I proceeded.

AT&T’s website showed this to me again in the pre-order process so I figured I’d have nothing to worry about. Cue Monday morning. I received an email from a reader stating that he received an email from AT&T saying that his pre-order, which he too placed early Friday morning, would not arrived until October, specifically, 14-21 days from the release date.

Thus far, it appears that a few others received this email from AT&T.

So, because I pre-ordered through AT&T around the time that he did, I decided to investigate my own order. AT&T’s website, as expected, was no help. It didn’t show me anything in regards to an expected release date. It just said that my device’s order was processing.

Then, I decided to call AT&T directly. The automated portion of the phone call said that my order was on back order. Strange, considering I was told that my phone would arrive on September 21st. Agitated, I decided to talk to with a very friendly customer service operator who said that my order was still on track for September 21st.

I mentioned the email that others had received stating that they wouldn’t get their device until October and she said that if I hadn’t received any email indicating that something changed about my order, then I needn’t worry.

Fast forward to today and it appears that people are in the same boat as myself, wondering if they’re going to get the iPhone 5 on release day like they thought they would.

Some readers are saying that AT&T is saying that they over-sold their allocation. Some are saying that while their order is processing but still can’t track their device, AT&T has gone ahead and charged their card anyway.

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And by soon, it likely means October for many who pre-ordered last Friday.

At this point, I have no idea what’s going on. AT&T sent me a vague message that cleared up exactly nothing and it looks like AT&T customer service reps are giving a wide range of responses.

What’s clear though is that I am getting flashbacks to last year when a similar problem happened to editor Josh Smith. Verizon bumbled his iPhone 4S order in the days leading up to release day but he managed to get the device on release day after a ton of back and forth.

I am hoping that the same thing happens for me and the rest of you that ordered an iPhone 5 under the pretense that you would get it on September 21st.

Believe me, if AT&T’s website had told me otherwise, I would have just waited to order rather then deal with all of this nonsense.

How has your pre-order experience been? Let me know if the comments or shoot me an email.