AT&T is changing its image

It looks like AT&T is rebranding itself again .  Remember when we went from the AT&T lettering to the globe plus lettering?  AT&T wants to make itself a “consumer and lifestyle” company instead of a telecomm/wireless carrier company.

According to an article over at

The initiative is being described with the “Rethink Possible” slogan, presumably to indicate the carrier’s readiness to let go any aspect of its familiar brand identity in favor of the new corporate image.

The AT&T logo itself will be tweaked as part of the change. Gone is the “AT&T” copy beneath the logo, leaving only the globe itself. By doing so, marketing experts could note, AT&T is joining Apple’s ranks.

The Cupertino firm claims the only worldwide-recognized corporate logo without the brand’s name included in the logo.

AT&T will also spend an undisclosed sum dressing up their 2,200 nationwide retail spots in a bunch of colors. Rollover minutes may be a goner, too, AdAge reported:  AT&T standdbys such as rollover-minutes spots might disappear if they don’t fit under the new framework.

Ouch.  No more rollover minutes?  I know people who LIVE on their rollover minutes and dont touch their monthly stipend.  Its made many a family plan easier to live with from a usage point of view as well as monetary.  Its been a huge part of AT&T’s appeal (aside from the iPhone).

I am all for rebranding and marketing.  A company’s image can get stale after a while and its up to the company to get people excited about them again.  Its how the company keeps itself in the minds of the consumer, and makes them more money in the long run.  But, changing some of its plans in a way that will hurt their customers?  Maybe they should think a little more on that one.

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