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AT&T Learns from Apple, Introduces Appointments at its Stores



AT&T will be shifting to a new way of helping customers in its stores that is familiar to users who have spent any time at an Apple Store to get help with their iPhone: Appointments.

The move, which was announced on the AT&T Consumer Blog by the company’s President of Retail Sales and Services Paul Roth, means that as of today users can now to head to and book a time to visit their local AT&T store that works for them.

Users who prefer to make an appointment over the phone will also be able to do so by calling in to AT&T support and request an appointment.

att store

A customer interaction at a local AT&T store (provided by AT&T)

During these appointments users will be able to get help with signing up for services, consultations on purchases they’ve already made, and support on the latest applications and devices to be offered by AT&T. Users will also be able to schedule time with at Device Support Centers where inquires on warranty services and malfunctioning devices are usually handled.

There’s no mention of users without an appointment not being seen, however Roth does note that those with appointments, will “spend less time waiting and have more time for everything else”.

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Apple has allowed users of its iPhone, iPod, and traditional computers to book reservations at its locations for years. Included in the option to book an appoint online are, the Genius Bar, where users can have their devices examined by a trained Genius while they wait and space at Apple Workshops which are designed to keep them buyers of the company’s products up-to-date and informed of the latest things their Apple product can do.

As more and technology businesses began to offer the same devices and services at nearly identical price points, customer service and the ease to which users can have access to it has become more important.

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Windows–based companies have also began to realize this. Included in the price of every Toshiba KIRAbook ultrabook, will be access to a higher tier customer support line based in the United States and Microsoft itself, launched its own retail chain, to get out in front of what it perceived was a lack of accessible support in its ecosystem.

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1 Comment

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    04/24/2013 at 10:07 am

    I would like appointment for apple instructions Fashion Show Mall Store in Las Vegas

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