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CES 2013

AT&T Looks Beyond Phones & Tablets to a Connected Lifestyle



At the AT&T keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show, CEO Ralph de la Vega talked about the Rethink Possible network’s vision for a connected digital life that spans the phone, the home, and the car. Utilizing technologies like 4G LTE, wireless connectivity, biometrics security, NFC, and existing services such as Uverse TV, AT&T will not only let you take and access your content from anywhere, but control and automate your home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpeech APIs allow users to control their voice in this vision by their voice while NFC and biometrics will help users unlock and start their cars. Leveraging the Uverse brand, in the connected car, users can view and watch their Uverse content in the backseat and in the front, the driver can order pizza and pay for it with their ISIS digital wallet for delivery just as they pull into the drive way.

And when you pull up home, you can use your phones and tablets to control the lights and turn on your lighting even before you step in the door.

As 4G LTE speeds get faster and access to high speed mobile broadband expands, the implications for embedded connectivity grows. We’re already seeing elements of the connected car, the connected home, and various home automation solutions emerge from various players in these respective segments, and AT&T will be entering this developing space with partners of its own. Likely, we won’t see the complete picture of the connected lifestyle in 2013, but hopefully we’ll see things start to come together.


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