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AT&T Nexus 7 LTE Officially Launches



The LTE version of the new Nexus 7 has only been available for T-Mobile’s network since its launch, but AT&T has announced today that the Android-powered 7-inch tablet will be available on its network starting today. The AT&T version will ship unlocked and include an AT&T SIM card.

The tablet is still priced at the same $349 for the 32GB LTE version, but AT&T is offering a limited-time promotion that allows you to save $100 off the price if you buy the tablet and sign a two-year contract before the end of the year. This isn’t a huge discount by any means, but for those looking to save a little cash and were going to stay on AT&T for at least two years anyway may find the deal useful.


However, in order to take advantage of the offer, you’ll have to call or visit an AT&T retail location to activate it. $100 isn’t a lot when you consider how much you’ll pay for the service over the course of two years, but saving $100 off a $349 device can be pretty tempting for some, especially since it’s an up front cost.

As for the Nexus 7 LTE for T-Mobile, the listing says that Google and the carrier are still offering a free month of LTE service. That’s also not too bad of a deal, but that first month can definitely go by quick. This isn’t the first time that AT&T has added support for the Nexus 7, as last year’s model also saw the same love from Ma Bell.

The second-generation Nexus 7 was launched earlier this summer, and it replaced a decent, yet bugged-up first-generation Nexus 7. The new model sports a similar black frame, but comes with improved internals, as well as a better display with a 1920×1080 resolution, making it the highest-resolution 7-inch display on the market currently.

The tablet sports a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, and has a new 5-megapixel camera fixed on the back, making it the first time that a Nexus tablet has included a rear camera. You’ll also be treated with the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version, packing some new features and improved performance over previous builds.

You can check out our full review to learn more about the new tablet. Spoiler alert: it’s a good iPad mini competitor, but we don’t blame those who spend the extra cash to get the Apple tablet instead.

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