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AT&T Offers Free WiFi to Travelers to the UK



AT&T Mobility is offering travelers to the UK access to over 16,000 hotspots for free thanks to a new agreement with The Cloud. There is a catch to AT&T’s generosity, however, as U.S. customers still need to sign up for an international plan to be given free access to these 16,000 hotspots. However, by being able to offload much of your data traffic to a WiFi hotspot rather than doing it through a mobile broadband network, users can save a bit of money depending on their data behavior.

Typically, users who use their phones abroad would either have to search for a cheap domestic SIM card and activate a prepaid option while traveling, or they would have to pay higher roaming rates through their carrier at home. This option doesn’t quite replace the high roaming rate as you’d still need to have an international plan, but it does make it cheaper for you to access data when you can wait to get to a hotspot rather than doing everything through mobile broadband.

urlAnd with hotspot access, users can also use a messaging service like Skype, FaceTime, or Google Talk to message and perform video chats with others. This would help to mitigate the need for voice call roaming.

Users are given 1 GB of data access through WiFi hotspots with AT&T’s newest international offering.

According to The Next Web, “AT&T’s WiFi International app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. If you are visiting the UK soon and already have a data bundle in place, download the app and make sure you take advantage of your free 1GB WiFi allowance when you can.”

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