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AT&T Prepares Staff for iOS 7 Release



AT&T is preparing support staff for the iOS 7 release date with training materials that highlight the many new iOS 7 features which will roll out to iPhone owners later this month.

Apple is holding an event on Tuesday where we should learn the exact iOS 7 release date, and hear about any IOS 7 features the company was able to keep hidden until the big reveal.

Previous reports claim Apple employees are already training for iOS 7 and Apple is limiting vacation of Apple Care support staff from September 15th through the end of the month to handle increased questions from iPhone and iPad users who may be confused by the new iOS 7 features and design.

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Control Center is new in iOS 7, as is a redesigned Multitasking display.

Control Center is new in iOS 7, as is a redesigned Multitasking display.

AppleInsider published images from an AT&T support staff contact, which shows training materials for iOS 7, including an iOS 7 features overview that covers iTunes Radio and the new iOS 7 Activation Lock which secures the iPhone from thieves.

While the leak doesn’t offer anything new in terms of iOS 7 features, it does illustrate the lengths AT&T is going to in order to prepare employees for questions from customers who will update their iPhone or iPad to a completely new look.

Leaked AT&T document training staff for the iOS 7 release.

Leaked AT&T document training staff for the iOS 7 release.

Unlike many Android phones which show a getting started overlay when the user installs a new update, users will not likely see an overlay highlighting every new iOS 7 feature. While the basics such as making calls, browsing the web and sending messages don’t change much there are key features that are different.

Verizon and T-Mobile are reportedly blocking vacation time for employees for the iPhone 5S release date which we expect will arrive within days of the iOS 7 release date.

Carriers and developers have tested iOS 7 since mid-summer. This allows the carriers to discover any issues with the update and prepare for a rollout that hits all carriers on the same day. While neither Apple or carriers are commenting on a specific date yet, Apple’s timing suggests the iOS 7 release date will fall on September 18th.

The iOS 7 update is in beta right now. While there was speculation that the iOS 7 beta 7 release would come in August, it looks like Apple is planning an iOS 7 Gold Master, or final beta where there should be no surprises, to arrive soon after the September 10th event.



  1. Zach Gabel

    09/07/2013 at 2:16 pm

    I have high hopes for iOS 7, I was able to have the chance to test it and I loved it.

  2. Scott

    09/07/2013 at 2:24 pm

    Boring, as usual.

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  4. Sean

    09/08/2013 at 5:11 pm

    Not true. I work for AT&T.

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