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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Gear Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow



The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow on AT&T. The carrier announced the news via Twitter today, and linked to its landing page for the new wearable accessory. However, AT&T didn’t list a time on when the Galaxy Gear would officially go live for pre-orders, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop so that you can reserve your own in a timely manner.

The Galaxy Gear was announced earlier this month and shown off to onlookers at Samsung’s IFA 2013 event. We got to see demonstrations of the many features that the smartwatch has; it certainly beats the pants off of the Pebble smartwatch, thanks to the color touchscreen and built-in speaker and microphone, but consumers are expected to pay a bit more for the privilege.

The Galaxy Gear will cost $299, which will land you a 1.63 Super AMOLED touchscreen display strapped to your wrist. The accessory syncs with your smartphone in order to deliver notifications right to the smartwatch, or deliver commands from the watch to your smartphone, that way you don’t have to keep fishing your phone out of your pocket.


The smartwatch sports a stainless steel body with a rubber strap, the latter of which can be switched to different colors to suit your fancy. The strap also includes a built-in camera, as well as the built-in speaker and microphone for phone calls and delivering voice commands through Samsung’s S Voice.

The Galaxy Gear will be able to make and receive calls, and users will simply be able to raise their hand to their ear — almost as if they’re covering it up from a loud noise. The speaker and microphone on the Gear are “strategically placed” on the watch so that so that you can hear the other person without a problem, as well as them hearing you without a problem.

The Galaxy Gear has a 315mAh battery that can run for 25 hours. That certainly isn’t up to snuff with the Pebble’s seven-day lifespan, mostly thanks to the power-sucking Super AMOLED display with a 320×320 resolution and the single-core 800MHz Exynos processor, but users should get a much better experience from the Galaxy Gear, thanks to its touch input and seamless integration with Galaxy smartphones.



  1. Mark

    09/16/2013 at 11:21 am

    Not to mention the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch should work correctly – as opposed to the Pebble. And if it doesn’t you can return it to your carrier. My Pebble has not worked correctly from day one and they won’t let me return it. The Pebble sucks!!!

  2. blaze

    09/16/2013 at 9:53 pm

    I don’t want the note 3 just the watch,w my note 2, but idk when they will update the note 2 …I pray it’s not a long process.

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