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AT&T Teases “Exciting” Product Coming Soon, Sprint Stays Mum on iPad 3



Hours before Apple is set to announce the new iPad and tell us when the iPad 3 release date is so we can run out and buy one. AT&T joined in announcing that they have an “exciting new” product on the way.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Verizon teased that “Something is Coming” just yesterday, asking users to sign up for more news.

Sprint on the other hand is business as usual with no flashy banners and no mention of a Sprint iPad 3, which isn’t that surprising for a number of reasons.

AT&T iPad 3 iPad HD Teaser

AT&T's iPad 3 or iPad HD Teaser.

While AT&T isn’t giving any more information about what we can expect them to announce, something tells me we’ll see AT&T offer up an explanation of this mysterious new product around 2 PM Eastern today when the iPad 3, iPad HD event wraps up in California.

We expect that Apple will announce a new iPad with 4G LTE connectivity for Verizon and AT&T. In fact, there are reports of Verizon installing 4G LTE in Apple Stores stealthily using plainclothes technicians.

Even though Sprint isn’t teasing a new product on the day of the iPad announcement, they may still be getting an iPad 3. Why do I think this?

Well, a Sprint iPad 3 would be a brand new announcement, something Apple wouldn’t leave to a web teaser on a horribly designed website. Instead, Apple would make a big deal of an iPad on Sprint by announcing it on stage at the actual iPad event.

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  1. Don

    03/07/2012 at 8:04 pm

    Apple is awesome, but i will stay with the ipad 1 I currently use daily.

    I would like to jump to the 3 for the new features, but a personal boycott is in order.
    My boycott is in effect because i want to take it mobile and iI refuse to get mangled by Verizon and AT&T’s completely absurd rate plans. I’ll simply will wait another year for Apple to come to there senses to adpot Sprint as an iPad partner. I know Sprint will offer an unlimited useage plan for 1 set price. And, if Apple never adds Sprint as an iPad partner, so be it. I’ll stay with my iPad 1 until it dies and by then other products will have caught them in the tablet race, as others have caught them ans surpassed them in the mobile phone race.

    Apple also blew it in the 4gs debut.
    How hard would it have been to add a larger version of the iPhone and charge a super premium for it. I personally would pay up to $500 for a larger iPhone. I know a few million others wold also.

    If you cheapskates don’t want to pay for the premium iPhone, them by all means settle for the micro display of the current iPhone.

    Steve Jobs will be greatly missed for his fore-thinking.

    • AppleGenius

      03/07/2012 at 8:14 pm

      Although your spelling is not so good, your thought process is great.

      Apple’s stock price cannot stay bubbled as it is with the little minds currently at Apple.

      IPad 3 is not much of an upgrade at all and to keep the same greedy wireless partners is disgusting. Also, the 4gs is even a bigger joke for an upgrade.

      Apple WAS truly cutting-edge mind-boggling, but have been surpassed in the mobile phone edge. The jokers at Apple will soon lose their lead in the tablet sect with continual bone-headed moves like the new iPad3 farce.

      Please give your cohorts help from above, Steve.

      • AppleOverBored

        03/07/2012 at 8:26 pm

        Apple is now getting too large to provide cutting-edgyness (could be a real word).

        If you’re a true fan of Apple like i am you can see how slow the ship is dredging.
        It’s ashame to watch my favorite technology company suffer from “too large ego and too much red tape to steer the ship through.” This hurts too bad to watch them (Apple) taking on water.
        I may have to jump ship soon if they (Apple) keep “crying wolf” with the over-hyped press conferences and the upgrade let-downs that follow.

        Please (Apple) open the sealed envelopes Jobs left you for cutting-edge next steps.

        • Apple Insider

          03/08/2012 at 5:28 am

          I was an Apple fan even when they almost went “bust” and the stock was about a dollar.

          Back then the technology was head and shoulders above all else, but they pissed off the consumers with their crazy high pricing and brand name confusion. (You have to be a purveyor of Apple to know what I mean by the “brand name confusion”).

          Today, they still provide great technology, but truly lack knowledge of the consumer. Behind the consumer setiment we are seeing fans of Apple and possible new consumers pisssed off at their “snake oil salesman-type” press conferences. It’s almost like a lead pencil company providing a major press conference to announce they made their eraser 1/8″ longer. Give me a break!

          Apple hire a consumer consultant so you may work hand-in-hand with what you may say and not say and stick to making cool shit! You’re starting to piss all of us off!

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