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AT&T to Start Throttling Data on October 1st



We had heard that AT&T might start throttling heavy data users ahead of the launch of the iPhone 5 and sure enough, Ma Bell has slapped down an official announcement today regarding the new policy which will go into effect on October 1st. AT&T’s new policy is only going to effect those customers who are still grandfathered on an unlimited plan and will applicable to the top 5% of those customers.AT&T

So, if you’ve been enjoying sucking up huge amounts of data on your unlimited plan, prepare to see your data speeds slow down once the beginning of October rolls around. Interestingly, the carrier says that the amount of data that will bring about throttling will be different month to month. If you’re part of that 5% and you start reaching the threshold, it won’t be without warning from AT&T:

These customers can still use unlimited data and their speeds will be restored with the start of the next billing cycle.  Before you are affected, we will provide multiple notices, including a grace period.

Why has AT&T followed in T-Mobile’s footsteps and started to throttle data? Well, according to the carrier, it’s because of a “exploding demand for mobile data”, the same exploding demand that led to AT&T to adopt tiered data last year and its competitor, Verizon Wireless, to do the same this year. This spectrum demand has also been one of the main arguments that AT&T has used to try and win approval for its merger with T-Mobile.

Sprint is now the only carrier that truly offers unlimited data but it’s fast becoming not a matter of if but when the carrier will decide to switch over to tiered data plans for its mobile devices.



  1. Guest

    07/30/2011 at 1:22 am

    Since when is unlimited not UNLIMITED?

    • Botija321

      07/30/2011 at 1:33 am

      That suck

  2. Dale Strauss

    07/30/2011 at 3:44 pm

    Black’s Law Dictionary: “Unlimited – “Without confines, unrestricted, boundless.”

    Unfortunately, our only recourse is to jump ship WITHOUT EFT for AT&T’s terms of service change. I’m saying its without EFT because it is a TOS violation, but I’m sure AT&T will try to screw you in any event. Between tiered wireless data, throttled unlimited, and home capped service, AT&T is doing everything in its power to KILL online backup and content rich streaming sevices. Adios iCloud, Carbonite, Netflix, Hulu, ABC streaming, etc.

    And worst of all, we are forced to be sheeple because there is no alternative to go to!

    • SueATT

      09/06/2011 at 7:48 am

      What does EFT mean?

      I don’t trust ATT or any mega corp. They can say you reached top 5% any time whether you did or not.

      Anybody have a guess of what top 5% might be? This past bill due 9/3/11 said I used approx. 4.05 gig. Think that falls within the top 5%?

      Thanks. (& yeah, I’m PO’d! I signed up 2009, Unlimited, $30 fee. I expect full speed 3G unlimited!)

      Any hungry lawyers want to take on the ATT shysters for a bait & switch fraud?

  3. Micromax Mobile Phones

    09/05/2011 at 5:48 am

    Seems somewhat problematic. Then also let’s see what happen

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