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Attention developers: Handango UMPC / Tablet PC contest underway



I love it when developer contests get going because we all benefit by some cool utilities, new apps, and get to see the creative juices flowing.

Well, Handango just launched an Origami / UMPC and Tablet PC developer contest. By entering their contest, you’ll get a chance to win one of three UMPCs.

What would I love to see? new navigation menu solutions, stuff that will make it easier for me to use a umpc in the car, browser and ink solutions, easy to use Ink / Text blogging solutions, task management apps, syncing utilities. Show us your stuff! What would you like to see developed?

Here are the details from a Handango newsletter that is about to get released:

Handango is looking for fresh and premier Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC content.are you up for the challenge?   By converting your existing mobile applications or creating an entirely new title for Tablet PC and UMPC, you’ll be eligible to win one of three Ultra-Mobile PCs!    Personal Productivity, Travel, Fitness, Medical, Multimedia, and Entertainment titles are all great fits for our catalog.  The contest runs from now until August 31st..start coding!

The Ultra-Mobile PC is portable and powerful companion that let’s users connect, communicate, accomplish your tasks, and stay entertained wherever life takes you.  Featuring full Windows XP functionality and the ability to touch, write or type, you’ll be able to develop for Tablet PCs and UMPCs simultaneously.

How to get started:

1. To begin development, please visit the Ultra-Mobile PC Development Quick Start Guide

2. If you have questions, please visit the MSDN Mobile PC and Tablet PC Developer Center or email [email protected]

3. For ways to optimize your UMPC applications for touch and ink, check out Microsoft Sudoku
4.  Test your application in the UMPC Display Emulator

5.  After completing your application and verifying that it’s Tablet PC and
UMPC compatible, email the Handango Tablet PC team (
[email protected])
to submit your titles.

6.  Deadline for all entries is August 31st.

7.  Winners for top Personal, Media&Entertainment, and
Multimedia&Communications applications will be announced in September.

Technical requirements for entry:

  a.. Run on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
  b.. Include Tablet PC SDK 1.7 features (ink or gestures)
  c.. UI must follow Ultra-Mobile PC guidelines:
    a.. be aware of screen rotation and adhere to 800×480 display resolution
    b.. maximize form factor real-estate
    c.. include controls that can be manipulated by finger

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions or need
additional details.   We look forward to seeing your applications!


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