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AT&T’s Galaxy S II Variant Passes Through FCC, Launch Imminent



It looks like at least one of the two iterations of the Samsung Galaxy S II superphones is now hitting the FCC for regulatory approval. The device comes complete with AT&T-compatible HSPA bands, which means that this ‘4G’ smartphone can be used on the carrier’s HSPA+ network when launched, which is fine as 4G LTE devices probably won’t hit AT&T until 2012 anyways.

The FCC regulatory approval shows an outline of a device with straight lines and rounded corners, matching the leaked images for AT&T-branded Galaxy S II devices that we’ve been seeing around the Internet as of late.

Now, if the carrier does in fact launch a keyboarded version and a keyboard-less slate-styled version, the choice will be yours for the picking. For now, it is widely believed that a U.S. launch can happen in August, and the Galaxy S II should hit all four carriers.

Thanks to GBM reader Seth for the tip!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    07/29/2011 at 2:46 am

    “It looks like at least one of the two iterations of the Samsung Galaxy S II superphones is now hitting the FCC for regulatory approval.” 

    Sprint had its SGSII pass through the FCC a couple days ago. If Verizon has one drop, I think we’re looking at all four carriers releasing it in the same month. The Motorola Bionic’s push back today opens Samsung up for an amazing opportunity. 

    The Sprint version has WiMax. The AT&T version has it’s 4G pseudo-counterpart. I have no reason to believe VZW won’t carry an LTE version.

    T-Mo… Hercules? Hopefully.

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