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Audio Inkshow: Chatting With The Father Of Ink Blogging, Mark “Sumocat” Sumimoto



MeTableteers love Inking. Blogging Tableteers love blogging about wanting more applications, both client and on the web, to Ink with. But one Tableteer hasn’t waited around, and has created his own system of Blogging in Ink. Mark ““Sumocat” Sumimoto, The Father of Ink Blogging, not only is the most consistent Ink blogger in the Tabletscape, but he has spun of a small legion of Ink bloggers. Sumocat and his progeny continue to take pen to blog as they spread the gospel of Ink Blogging.

In this Audio InkShow, I sat down to talk with Sumocat about Ink Blogging, and his perspectives on Tablet PCs. We discuss his Ink blogging tool, Build 52, and also his Electrovaya Tablet PC, a Tablet PC that we don’t hear much about these days. So, if you’re interested in Ink Blogging or anything Tablet PC, sit back and give a listen to this chat with the Sumocat!

  • Listen to the Audio Inkshow (direct download: 22:14, 25.4mb-MP3 format)
  • Visit Sumocat’s Scribbles
  • Visit 

 Thanks to Aubergine for the rocking intro music, Pursuit.

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