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Audio InkShow with Chris Pratley



In this inaugural edition of Audio InkShows, we are thrilled to bring you our interview with Microsoft’s Chris Pratley. Chris is the Group Manager for Office Authoring Services, which includes OneNote, Word, and Publisher. He co-founded the OneNote team in 2001.

Chris and I talk about his OneNote team, the new beta, OneNote Mobile, insight into why OneNote uses ink the way it does, and more. He also lets us know that OneNote Mobile not only works with SmartPhones, but also with Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs and Phone Edition.

Thanks to Aubergine for the rocking intro music, Pursuit, and a special thanks to James Kendrick for letting me know about USB Microphones and

  • Listen to the Audio InkShow ( MP3 format, 20:13, 23.1 mb)
  • Download the Office 2007 and OneNote 2007 beta.
  • Visit Chris’ blog



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