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Automatic Rotation on the OQO Model 02



For the past couple of days, I’ve been testing out an application written by Terran, a member of the forums. The application takes advantage of a built-in accelerometer in the OQO and enables automatic rotation, like the X61 Tablet PC, the iPhone, etc.

It works pretty good and is nice little utility to have on the OQO. Read more about it on and download the application here. Source code is also available here.

It is worth noting that rotation ( automatic and FN Rotate ) breaks on the OQO if you download and install the latest S3 video drivers from Windows Update. If you like rotation on your OQO, stick with the S3 drivers that came with your OQO or available through the drivers site on OQO.

Check it out in this short video demonstrating the automatic rotation application written by Terran.



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