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Averatec Joins Netbook Craze, Asus Officially Adds 900A To EEE PC Lineup



In the ever growing netbook market, Avaratec has joined the race with a 10.2″ device of its own. The new Averatec is to come with an enhanced keyboard that offers a larger Shift key, something most netbooks now miniaturize out of necessity. Intel’s Atom processor and a 120GB HDD are also part of the Averatec’s repertoire. We can expect a late Q4 release with an estimated price of $400-$500 according to Engadget.

In related netbook news, jkkmobile reports that Asus has released the EEE PC 900A. Specs for the 900A over the run-of-the-mill 900 series revolves around the Atom processor (hence, the “A” designation). A new purple color option will also be available for the 900A. Otherwise, this latest iteration of the EEE PC line will still include a small 8GB or 16GB SSD, 1GB RAM, and a Linux Operating System. As of the global release for the 900A, a Windows XP variant is yet to be offered.

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