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Aviary: Art In Your Browser



I’m not sure how well, or if, this will work with a Tablet PC or UMPC as nothing is available to work with yet, but my hopes are high that Aviary might be a good web-based art package on that will accept pen and touch input.


Aviary is both a collection of collaborative art tools and a marketplace for that digital artwork. The tools all have avian names and the artwork will be stored in the Rookery. Clever. The software is programmed in Flex which will blend in with Adobe’s AIR (now in Beta). Some of the tools in development include:

  • Phoneix: Essentially like Photoshop
  • Raven: Vector-based graphics
  • Hummingbird: 3D editor
  • Peacock: A pattern generator
  • Myna: An audio editor
  • Hawk: A video editor
  • Roc: A music generator
  • Pigeon: A painting simulator

You can check out much more on the project at their website.

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