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AViiQ Portable Charging Station Now Boasts Better Cable Management



The new AViiQ Portable Charging Station uses a smart Rack System to deliver a compact, convenient charging kit for travelers.

I reviewed the older version of the AViiQ Portable Charging Station last fall and really liked it. However, the included USB hub and cabling made it a bit unwieldy.

The new Cable Rack System aims to solve that problem.

You still get the same 4 port USB powered hub that can charge smartphones, an iPad, a Kindle Fire or other USB powered devices all from one power outlet. That’s a big deal since so many hotel rooms don’t give you enough AC outlets. It’s also nice to leave those power bricks at home.

The charger has enough power to charge tablets like the iPad that need more juice than a phone to charge at a good pace.

The leather case with zipper holds all the cables and the hub and power brick.

aviiq portable charging stateion rack system

AViiQ added a new system of cable management called Rack System

Now you also get a set of “racks” that hold the cables without the clutter of winding the cables and tying them off with rubber bands or twist ties.

The racks fit in the case with your device cables wound around them making it easier to hold them in place while stored in the case. Detach the wound up cables by pulling out its rack and you can use it to quickly sync your phone to a computer.

aviiq rack system

You can easily charge up to four devices.

AVIiQ sells two models. The black leather case costs $99.99 directly from AViiQ and the gray nylon case only cost $79.99. If you’re looking for one from another outlet, be careful that you’re getting the newer model with the rack system. I searched places like Amazon and others and couldn’t find the newer model listed yet.

aviiq portable charging station

You only use one AC outlet

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