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8 Awesome Things You Can Do with Springtomize on iPhone



Springtomize was recently updated for iOS 9 for iPhones and iPads running the iOS 9 jailbreak. Here are eight awesome things you can do with Springtomize on your device.

An iOS 9 jailbreak has been available for over a month now, and while many popular jailbreak tweaks were quickly updated to support the new version of iOS, there were some that remained silent, with Springtomize being one of them. There was no doubt that the developers of the tweak were working on an update, but they remained mostly quiet about its progress, which led to many jailbreakers in the community to get a bit antsy.

However, Springtomize 3 has finally been updated for iOS 9 and can be downloaded from Cydia right now on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.

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If you’re not familiar with this jailbreak tweak, Springtomize is mainly seen as a UI customization tool, allowing you to change and customize the look and layout of iOS in a way. It’s not like WinterBoard where it can change themes, but rather a compliment that goes along great with WinterBoard if you have both installed.

In short, Springtomize can do so many things, but here are eight awesome things that Springtomize can do for your iPhone.

Speed Up Animations

Speed Up Animations

iOS 9 has some pretty cool animations when switching between apps and opening up folders, but they're a little show for some users.

Life moves to quickly to wait around for animations, but Springtomize can change that easily. By going into Springtomize, tapping on Animations, enabling Custom Speed and adjusting the slider at the top, you can decrease or increase the speed of iOS 9 animations.



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