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Axiotron ModBook Review at SlashGear



ModbookreviwAs promised, James Allan Brady of SlashGear is beginning to share his thoughts on the Axiotron Modbook. In what he calls Part I of a review he publishes quite a few pictures and this interesting tidbit:

So far, I am not sold on it, but, my sister, who is taking classes in college for photography and the various digital arts got her hands on it and wouldn’t let go until I took it away to charge it.

Followed by this:

Due solely to the lack of a keyboard, and the fact that you have to use the digitizer pen for everything, I wouldn’t recommend for any every day business or office user. However, if you are in the visual arts, architecture, design, or any of the fields where you might use the features of this tablet, I honestly don’t think there is anything better for you out there.

There are some issues he’s experiencing so check out the rest of his observations here.

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