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Axon Logic Promises a Tablet Able to Run OSX



Axon Logic is gearing up for a Tablet that essentially runs any OS compatible with the Darwin OS. That could be a Unix variant. That means it is capable of running OSX. Of course that’s a no-no with Apple’s license agreement, but that’s never stopped those who love to create Hackintosh netbooks. Which this looks suspiciously like without a keyboard. Axon Haptic doesn’t encourage installing an OS that will violate a license agreement, but that picture with those cute little logos says something different.

Supposedly priced around $800 (or $750 if you get in early) and supposedly it will have a capacitive touch screen (although the specs list it as resistive). And supposedly it will use a stylus, although the Axon Logic says “You may want to use the stylus on hard work, and your fingers for casual web browsing or games.”

We sorta went down this road with the Modbook, but it looks like Axon Logic wants to go that way again, but this time a little cheaper.

Via CrunchGear

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Giacomo

    08/13/2010 at 7:54 am

    It is a resistive touchscreen. It seems to be another rebranded Tablet like the Tega Tablet/Ekoore ET10TA/iiView Vpad/eviGroup Paddle, but with more connectivity and more OS choice.

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