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Back On The Bag Hunt



image A while back I was brought to an end of my hunt with a bag that was given to me by the wonderful people at Tom Bihn.  It’s probably the longest I have had a bag in a long time… but the the new addition of my ‘regular’ laptop – I have to be on the hunt again… :( 

The bag I have is the Ego – and there is a Super Ego that will work for me – that is a serious consideration as the Ego bag has been wonderful.  But, I haven’t been on the hunt for a full sized bag in a while so I am asking you, the GBM readers, if there is something you have or a brand that I should check out!  I will say that I am not a Backpack type of person, more of the ‘messenger’ type of guy.

It also have to fit my companion Tablet PC in there too…  I have all but decided that the LS800 is perfect for me to take to my meetings, sit by me at my desk, couch surfing and child prodigy device.

So, are there any suggestions out there??

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