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Back To An Old Friend and a Suggestion for EverNote



We’re three days away from opening out next show at Wayside Theatre, Moonlight and Magnolias, the story of the writing of Gone With the Wind. That means I’m heavy into note taking in rehearsals on my Tablet PC. For the last several shows I’ve been using EverNote to do this primarily due to its excellent syncing functions. For this note taking task I’ve been very happy with EverNote.

Last night for some reason when we got ready for a run-thru, I whipped open the Tablet PC and fired up OneNote 2007 instead. It was a crazy day and I didn’t realize that I was working in OneNote 2007 until about 10 minutes into the first act when I took my first note. What brought my attention to the switch was how much smoother the Inking is in OneNote 2007. And indeed it is smoother. There is more of a lag in EverNote than there is in OneNote 2007. I had become accustomed to that as I’ve been working with EverNote but as the rehearsal wore on I realized that I was being more effective as a note taker throughout. Laying down the Ink in a hurry was just much easier.

So the suggestion I have for the EverNote folks is this, while you’re working hard on your excellent program on a number of fronts, take a look at the Inking for Tablet PCs and see if you can’t tune that up a notch so it is a bit more effortless. Also, the ‘Ink Support Coming Soon’ stand in on the Mac version is getting a little old.  Of course, the suggestion to the OneNote gang is that you should work quickly to get this kind of syncing ability into OneNote.

I’m going to continue using OneNote 2007 the rest of the week, and import those notes into EverNote, so I can have them on multiple machines. We’ll see how it goes.

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