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Backup and Access Your Data Online with SpiderOak



image Just had a good conversation SpiderOak’s Ethan Oberman, going over their online backup solution. I’ll be giving their service a whirl over the next several weeks, but wanted to pass along a few highlights about their services:

  • free 2 GB account – no trial, no cost, doesn’t time out, can access from an unlimited number of machines
  • backs up PC, Mac, and Linux.
  • Can share any of those folders with friends for easy web access – SpiderOak account not required for accessing those shared files
  • Backed-up files go through a de-duplication process, so only a single copy of the same file is stored on their server.
  • They maintain versioning of all files that are backed up to their server
  • Data is encrypted on SpiderOak’s servers and decrypted when downloaded to your computer. The user’s password is used to generate the encryption key, and the password is not stored on SpiderOak’s server.
  • They are working on a sync solution, as well as an iPhone app for accessing data.
  • Pricing: $10 per month for 20 gb of used storage, with increments of $5 for every extra 10 gb.

Learn more by visiting their website.


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