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Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Comes To iPad on November 28



Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will come to the iOS App Store for the iPad this week, and to celebrate the release Overhaul Games has a new trailer for the game.

The new gameplay trailer is for the PC release of the game, though the iPad version should look very similar to the PC game. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition has the same story as the original game with some updated visuals, new characters, new areas, and some new quests to complete.

The trailer shows off the combat of the game which is turn based with Dungeons & Dragons rules though players don’t need to know the specifics of Dungeons & Dragons to play the game. Players control a group of characters with different classes ranging from rogues and warriors to clerics and mages. Players can tell individual party members what to do in each combat or let the AI take control.

Overhaul Games claims Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition has 400 improvements over the original game. That includes some feature from Baldur’s Gate 2 such as new classes, new interfaces for specific devices, and online play. Gamers who choose to play the game on the iPad can play online alongside PC or Mac gamers or other iPad users.

Other improvements include new cinematics to replace the low-resolution cut scenes from the original game as well as ongoing support for the game.

None of the new screenshots nor the trailer show the new interface for the iPad, but the old PC interface with a few changes should work well on the 9.7-inch tablet. If the touchscreen items are large enough the game could also work well on the new iPad mini.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will also come to Android tablets sometime in the future, though Overhaul Games doesn’t offer a release windows for that version yet.

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