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Ballmer Interview Worth A Watch



Michael Arrington of TechCrunch sat down with Steve Ballmer and talked about some of Microsoft’s future plans regarding The Cloud, Azure, Mobile Phones, enterprise technology, search, and more. Obviously you don’t get a lot of specifics, but you do get some good insight to the big picture strategy that drives Microsoft. Well worth watching. (There’s also a transcript on the post if you don’t want to watch the video.)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Trixtus

    09/25/2009 at 9:16 am

    It’s funny. Talking about the cloud, Balmer touches his right ear at the very moment he says: “we’re gonna do this by sharing technologies”. I know it’s psycho-pop, but we all know it means he’s not comfortable with what he says. It just struck me.

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