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Barnes & Noble Adds Another eBook Reader to Its Arsenal



irex-shopWe’ve got a lot of wars going on. Browser wars. OS Wars. Various Hardware Wars. Mobile Wars. You name it, everyone is competing with everyone else to try and grab your dollars. The eBook Wars are really beginning to heat up and everyone has their sights on Amazon and its Kindle.

Barnes & Noble ratcheted up the drumbeats by announcing that they will be teaming up with Irex Technologies, a Dutch Company, lumping the Irex reader into its arsenal, along with the previously announced Plastic Logic eBook Reader. You may recall Irex readers as the Iliad. Check out the GBM InkShow on that device.

The way things are moving it looks like consumers will have a number of choices unveiled in the months ahead. Amazon has a running lead, but there is still room for others to join in. I’m just wondering if this will happen before the lucrative Christmas selling season begins to take hold. In my mind, the real winner of this war is going to be the company(s) that make their content available on any device. But then you’ve got those nasty publishers to deal with on that issue.

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