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Barnes & Noble Plays Catch up with iPad App



One thing you can say about reading books on the iPad, you have some choice available to you as to what platform you want to read from. Obviously there is Apple’s iBooks reader and store, and I think everyone was pleasantly surprised when Amazon had its Kindle App available for that platform at the US launch. Well, Barnes & Noble who strikes me as the Avis (we try harder) in this game has finally released its app for the iPad.

Nook owners who use the iPad will be happy, but now those who use B&N’s ebook platform don’t need a Nook if they have an iPad. Books sync between devices (I’ve got the same small library on my iPhone and my iPad.) B&N has included 8 different fonts, 5 different font sizes, customizable line spacing and margins, and two views to browse your library. You can apparently choose from millions of colors for text and the like, as well as explore some presets if you’re not a custom kind of reader. You can’t make purchases within the app but B&N’s LendMe Feature to share books.

Best thing about this, is that if you shop around you’ve got the potential to save a few pennies here and there if you find one bookseller with a cheaper price for a book you’re looking for.

Via CrunchGear

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Don Underwood

    05/28/2010 at 8:06 am

    However, they are not supporting their Fictionwise-B&N-owned eReader titles! They even offer an iPhone app for these titles. I feel so betrayed.

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