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Batman Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC Release Date Arrives



With roughly a week left until Batman Arkham Knight’s one-month release anniversary, video game developer Warner Brothers is finally unleashing some of the game’s stable of downloadable content. Today is the Batgirl A Matter of Family release day for anyone who purchased the Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass.

Warner Brothers began letting users download Batgirl A Matter of Family through the Xbox Store and PlayStation Stores last night. The video game publisher revealed last week that the official release date for the first pieces of downloadable Batman Arkham Knight content would be July 14th for anyone who purchased the $39.99 Season Pass.

batman arkham knight batgirl

Batgirl A Matter of Family takes place before the incidents of Batman Arkham Knight, acting as a prequel to the character of Barbra Gordan and the hacker known in most of the series as Oracle. In the add-on content she’s still roaming the streets of Gotham solving crime. Though Gordon still has classic Batman-like gadgets, she’s still very focused on hacking. WB Montreal, the video game developer that created the Batgirl A Matter of Family add-on, says that Barbra’s hacking gives her an advantage in the same way the Batmobile does for Batman in the main game. In the story mode, Batman often teams up with Nightwing or Robin to take out foes. In this DLC Robin and Batgirl will get their time to shine.

Batgirl A Matter of Family might take some time for users with the season pass to download. The downloadable content is a hefty 3.2GB download. Anyone who hasn’t purchased the Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass will get the opportunity to buy the add-on by itself on July 21st for $6.99.

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To be clear, Warner Brothers isn’t providing clear details about when this downloadable content – or any new downloadable content will roll out to the Windows PC version of Batman Arkham Knight. The publisher has confirmed that its holding all DLC releases for that version of the game until it can address some of the issues with it.

Besides unleashing the Batgirl downloadable content, Warner Brothers appears to be slowly granting access to all the content add-ons it partnered with different retailers to give away at launch. Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass buyers are getting three additional pieces of content beginning today. First is the Batman Inc. skin, a new look meant to add some flavor to the Batman’s uniform in the main game. The Prototype Batmobile Skin is also available now too, allowing players to customize the look of Batman’s always-present vehicle. Lastly, the Red Hood content pack that was given away exclusively to those who purchased Batman Arkham Knight from video game retailer GameStop is available to Season Pass holders now too. Presumably, Warner Brothers plans to keep delivering the add-on content it used as a lure for pre-orders throughout the six-month lifespan of the season pass.

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On the Xbox One you can trigger the Batgirl A Matter of Family download by heading into the Xbox Store and searching for the game itself. The downloads also show up in the Manage Games screen for Batman Arkham Knight. The download is available in the PlayStation Store now too.

Batman Arkham Knight is the biggest video game launched this summer. The final game in a three-part series, Batman Arkham Knight mostly focuses on what villains tease is Bruce Wayne’s final night as the Batman. Scarecrow and a dangerous new enemy known only as the Arkham Knight have stormed into Gotham, threatening to release fear toxin on those who remain in the city. Assisting Batman in his quest to take down the Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight are Oracle, Nightwing, Robin and a Jim Gordon and the new Batmobile.

Batman Arkham Knight is available in the Xbox Store, PlayStation Network and retailers for $59.99.

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1 Comment

  1. CharlieDanger82

    07/16/2015 at 12:01 am

    I bought the season pass based on the article and the red hood pack and skins don’t seem to be part of it yet.

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