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Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass Finale Release Revealed



Video game developer Rocksteady Studios and publisher Warner Brothers are ready to reveal what Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass holders can expect in December. The two revealed the release details for the Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass finale in a YouTube video recently.

Executives from Rocksteady revealed the items that Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass holders can expect last week in what was expected to be the last of the studio’s Arkham Insider videos. Batman Arkham Knight’s release date was back in June. Since July, Warner Brothers and Rocksteady have delivered a few new features for everyone and tons of new content to those that invested in the game’s season pass. There are tons of new challenge maps, vehicle skins, character skins and story related content now present that weren’t original available. This month’s release is the crown on top of it all and it arrives on December 22nd.


Coming to Batman Arkham Knight this month is Season of Infamy, a massive addition to the game. Rather than being an Arkham Episode, Season of Infamy is an add-on to the game’s main campaign. It takes place in Gotham City like all the main campaign content. Objectives are accessible from the same menu. Once again, players are the Batman and tasked with hunting down Gotham’s worst criminals and putting them back where they belong. Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc and the Mad Hatter are all confirmed villains for the content. There are more, but Rocksteady isn’t revealing all just yet.

The Batsuit from 2008’s The Dark Knight is coming to Batman Arkham Knight too. In the video showcasing the new studio, Rocksteady reveals that the suit wasn’t originally planned to be a part of Batman Arkham Knight’s Season Pass offerings. When the studio realized that so many owners of the game wanted it, it went back to the drawing board, working with other parts of Warner Brothers to make sure it got included for the Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass finale.

Also included is the Batmobile from the game that kicked off the series, Batman Arkham Asylum. This skin joins the already exhaustive list of different Batmobiles already available in the game. Rocksteady recently added a classic Batmobile to the game and the Tumbler from the Batman Begins.

The Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass costs $39.99. That’s a lot considering the base game only costs $49.99 when purchased directly through an Xbox One or PS4. Purchasing the premium edition of Batman Arkham Knight unlocks the season pass content and the base game. It’s $89.99 through the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store.

All content sold to owners of the season pass is also available to Batman Arkham Knight players without a subscription. Skins cost $.99 cents while bigger pieces of content start at $1.99.

Rocksteady is describing this as the finale to Batman Arkham Knight’s Season Pass because it previously revealed that buyers would only get six months of content when they purchased the add-on. It’s also intended to be the last major game in the series made by Rocksteady. Now at least some of that is being called into question. When Rocksteady head Sefton Hill is questioned about the studio’s further involvement in the series, he begins to answer. Suddenly, an error tone starts and Scarecrow can be seen before quickly disappearing.

No other information about the future of the game is revealed, though clearly Rocksteady is planning something. It’s entirely possible that Rocksteady plans to introduce a second season pass with even more content for fans over the coming year.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Warner Brothers has pulled such a move. At this year’s Game Awards the publisher revealed plans for a second season of add-ons for this year’s entry in the Mortal Kombat franchise. It makes sense that the publisher might try extending the life of Batman Arkham Knight into the new year with even more content.

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1 Comment

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