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Battery life gone in a Flash!



Gizmodo has a post about saving battery life on your notebook when operating solely on battery power.  As others have discovered, Flash enabled websites often take up CPU and promote battery drain faster than less intensive and non-flash enabled sites.  In fact, it was rumored that Apple avoided using Flash on the iPhone for this reason, although it now appears Flash will be making its way to the iPhone.  A few people have managed to hack Flash onto the iPhone, and Adobe has it working in the lab.

For Firefox users, they recommend using Flashblock.  Safari users can use Safari Standard, while Internet Explorer users can use Toggle Flash.


Other commonly known tips to save battery life when operating a laptop on battery power:

  • Reduce screen brightness to the lowest possible level that you are still comfortable.
  • Turn off your audio output.
  • Unless necessary, turn of Wi-Fi (this one really drains the juice).
  • Avoid using CD/DVD drives.

Has anyone ever attempted to gain better battery life by turning off flash elements on different websites, and how great were your results? Provide your suggestions in the comments.

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